Grenada Chocolate: The Revolutionary Sweet Treat Worth Celebrating PART 1

Grenada’s organic, ethically and sustainably produced fine chocolates are indeed worth celebrating. Our small and humble island boast the first “Tree to Bar” Chocolate to be produced in this century. This means that the main ingredient for making chocolate bars, our coveted first class Trinitario cocoa beans, are grown right here in Grenada, near our Grenadian owned chocolate factories.



The genesis of Grenada chocolate was the brain child of Mott Green, Doug Browne and Edmond Brown of The Grenada Chocolate Company, which opened its doors in 1999 ,and Andrew Hastick and Larry Burdick of Diamond Estate Chocolate Factory, producers of Jouvay chocolate. These men, in their own right, had a vision of producing small batch chocolate in Grenada where cocoa farmers have an equally valued role to play in the making of chocolate as chocolatiers. This lead to the close working relationship and ownership model where cocoa farmers and chocolatiers partnered in owning chocolate companies. According to Larry Burdick:

“When European and American Chocolate makers pay farmers a fair price for their beans, that is a step in the right direction. But when farmers become chocolate makers themselves, that changes the whole equation.


Not only is the production of Grenadian chocolate something worth cheering for, so is the luxuriously rich yet deep and intense flavour of our end product.


It is precisely for these reasons that the Grenada Chocolate Fest exists, to celebrate all things Grenadian Cocoa and Dark Chocolate. This year’s line up of events and unique experiences takes you through the our cocoa groves where our fine cocoa beans are grown and shows you step by step how a cocoa bean is processed into a chocolate bar.



Here is what you can look forward to from the Grenada Chocolate Fest 2016

Day 1: 13th May “Get in the Mood for Chocolate

Visit the House of Chocolate, the home of the Grenada Chocolate Fest, and get in the mood for chocolate. This is Grenada’s first and only charming Grenadian chocolate inspired cafe, museum and boutique spun into one magical stop to satisfy all your cocoa and dark chocolate desires. Take a historical tour with Dane as he passionately explains the history of chocolate in the Caribbean and the present day uses of our cocoa.


In the evening we bring you the complete chocolate experience at our Grand Opening down at True Blue Bay Resort’s Dodgy Dock. The aroma of roasted cocoa beans and traditional Grenadian cocoa tea will fill the air. Take part in our silent auction, all proceeds go towards keeping the doors of the Grenada Community Library open.This night will be your first chance to taste our one of a kind “Cocoatails” cocktails with a Grenadian Chocolate twist.


Day 2: 14th May, 2016 “Healthy Benefits of Cocoa


Did you know that:

“After water, cocoa is the single healthiest substance you can put in your mouth. It can easily replace a number of psychiatric drugs for mood, plus it produces the same chemistry in the brain that occurs when we fall in love.”?

– Chris Kilham

In the morning we have two Yoga Chocolate Meditations followed by an Indulgent Chocolate Breakfast . After you have filled all your senses with the aroma and flavour of chocolate, learn about its benefits from Mexican Chocolatier Ana Rita Garcia Lascurain.



Just incase you were starting to feel like all that fine chocolate was going to your hips, worry not, we have you covered. Run, walk or crawl with the Grenada Hash House Harriers, the drinkers with a running problem, through Grenada’s lush natural environment and see how many colour variations of our beautiful cocoa pods you can count.


Day 3: Sunday 15th May, 2016 “Rum, Chocolate and Jammin

What would a Caribbean festival be without rum, a beach barbecue ,live music and dancing on a white sand beach? Our sentiments exactly! Reserve your table at Aquarium Restaurant and Bar located on Pink Gin Beach if you don’t want to miss this one. There will b
e chocolate and rum pairings to delight your pallet and spirit, and, maybe even loosen those joints so you can dance to the beat of our infectious live local music, as the sun sets on the horizon of the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Day 4: Monday 16th May, 2016 “Its all about Bean to Bar

Hop onto the bus, or drive, to Belmont Estate, St. Patrick and to visit the famous Grenada Chocolate Company, producers of tree to bar organic, fair trade, ethically and sustainably produced chocolates and cocoa products. This is delightful slice of a chocolatier’s or chocolate enthusiast’s paradise. Join Dr. Darin Sukha, research fellow from the University of the West Indies (St. Augustine Campus) Cocoa Research Institute and get your Chocolate Education.

Take a bean to bar tour, walk or dance the cocoa, enjoy a cocoa inspired farm lunch, shop for locally made: chocolate bon bons, uniquely crafted souvenirs, goat cheese and spices from the newly opened spice shop at Belmont Estate. Don’t forget to sample some of that rich Grenada Chocolate Company Organic Chocolate goodness while you are right at it’s source.

In the evening head down to the West Indies Beer Company Lance inaux Epines, St. George t for “Chocolate at the Brewery” with live music. Chocolate Beer will be on tap!