10 Reasons Why Every Chocolate Lover Must Experience Grenada Chocolate Fest


1.Grenada is the first country to make Tree to Bar Chocolate

The Grenada Chocolate Fest 2017 Crew at the Grenada Chocolate Company

Mott Green and Edmund Brown broke the mold when they decided to make Grenada’s first chocolate bar. Historically cocoa growing and chocolate making was geographically separated, and, in great part still is today. The Grenada Chocolate Company pioneered the Tree to Bar Chocolate movement which is now spreading to a host of other cocoa growing countries. Tree to Bar Chocolate making ensures that the profits gained from chocolate making stay in cocoa growing countries to boost their economies. It is the true embodiment of single estate/ single origin chocolate. For any true chocolate connoisseur  being able to taste the genetic flavor potential of the cocoa bean in a bar of chocolate is a truly exciting experience. In Grenada you can literally see why there are notes and tones of bright citrus or volcanic soil…it is all right before you.

2.You can hear the story of tree to bar chocolate first hand from the pioneers: Grenada Chocolate Company Co Founder Edmund Brown (Mott Green’s business partner).

Edmund Brown

Lucky for us the Tree to Bar  chocolate making revolution is recent history and you can hear the story of how it all unfolded for the pioneers themselves. Visit the Grenada Chocolate Company and see first hand how the worlds first tree to bar chocolate is made.  

3. See where the Fine Flavoured Cocoa Grows

It always tickles us to hear international chocolatiers marvel at the cocoa pod. To work with chocolate and to actually see its origins brings the whole process full circle. Grenada has numerous cocoa farms and Grenada Chocolate Fest offers plenty opportunities to get out into the field and learn about cocoa farming from rehabilitation and permaculture to being a farmer for a day.

4. International Chocolate Experts explain the science behind fine flavored Cocoa expressing it’s full flavor potential.

Dr. Darin Sukha at the Tree to Bar Experience at Belmont Estate

One of the signature events during our annual Grenada Chocolate Fest is a Tree to Bar Tour at Belmont Estate with Dr. Darin Sukha from the Cocoa Research institute at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad. Dr. Sukha is a fountain of wisdom when it comes to cocoa and chocolate flavour. Join him in the cocoa fields, in the fermentation room and at the drying trays as he explains why dark chocolate made from fine flavoured cocoa  is such an intensely complex tasting experience. For all the cocoa and chocolate nerds out there, this one will be of particular interest to you!

5. Expert Guided International Chocolate Tastings

Ana Rita Garcia Lascurain from Mucho Mundo Chocolat in Mexico City

You will have a few opportunities to experience expert guided chocolate tasting with several international chocolate gurus. Tastings are akin to meditations. They take you into the present moment as you search your flavor memory banks to indentify the different notes and tones that are present in a single chocolate square. Chocolates come from all over the world , it is quite the experience!

6. You can learn how to make Chocolate at Home

Unless you are a chocolatier, for most of us chocolate making is mysterious. How does it go from being a wet tangy bean to the brown rich creamy creation we all love. Sure it is more complex than baking a cake but it is absolutely something that can be done in your very own kitchen. Learn from those who created a single estate chocolate factory on a budget how with a little imagination you can make your very own bar.

7. Visit Grenada’s most stunning locations

Grenada is an unspoiled chocolate utopia and Grenada’s chocolate makers and cocoa farmers have chosen to surround themselves with breath taking natural beauty. Each day you explore stunning location after stunning location. From old estates, plantations and farms. The festival takes you well off the beaten track away from the usual touristy locations and lets you experience the authentic Grenada.

8. You can be a cocoa carmer for a day

How many chocolate festivals give you the opportunity to work in the land and harvest cocoa under the expert guidance of farmers who have made cocoa farming their life’s work? Working in the land will give you even more appreciation of all it takes to make a chocolate bar and why it is important to buy chocolate that is  made ethically from tree to bar.

9. Chocolate Infused Sweet and Savory Cuisine

Chocolate is extremely versatile! Many have had it sweet but what about spicy, sour and savory? Chocolate hot sauce over your morning fruit? Cacao nibs on your salad? Ribs coated in a rich and creamy chocolate sauce? Cacao dusted spicy fries?  Absolutely divine!  There is  a hands on Grenada chocolate cooking class at Dodgy Dock with local cooking stars Esther and Omega who are always coming up with brilliant ways to chocolatize traditional Grenadian homestyle cooking.  

10. Meet the global chocolate tribe

Are you in search of you Chocolate tribe? This is the place to meet like minded chocolate lovers from all around the world. Exchange idea, debate chocolate making techniques,  learn from each other ,sample each others creations and make friends for life! We call it #CacaoLove.